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The Enterprise SSIS Framework is a project intended to simplify the management of an organization’s administration and ETL assets by abstracting the coordination and control flow into metadata. This project consists of the four parts:

- Core SSIS Packages: A set of packages that are responsible for workflow within the framework
- SQL Server 2008 DB: Holds all the metadata necessary to drive the application
- Administration App: A web-based front end to facilitate managing assets running within the framework
- Reports: A series of reports that provide both framework auditing and logging

Framework Features:

- Support the notion of SSIS Applications. This basically boils down to a group of related SSIS packages (tasks).
- Parallel package/task processing, configurable through metadata.
- Application and Task recoverability
- Daily, Weekly and Monthly Task Scheduling
- Instrumentation and Logging including Tie-In with built-in logging features
- Support for package/task hierarchies
- Multi-environment aware secure configuration
- No pre-reqs or changes to run packages/tasks within the framework
- Automatic package generation for repetitive and maintenance tasks
- Provides a reference set of template packages and BIML assets

  • If you have feedback please feel free to share it as this is a project is actively under development. *

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