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SSIS Packages Overview
1. ApplicationScheduler - Executes applications based on the schedules define.
2. Application - Core functionality of the Framework. Can be run from the scheduler or independently
3. Task - Responsible for package specific execution. Must be run by the application
4. TestPackage - Package included for demo purposes only. You can change the TaskResult of the ScriptTask to see how the framework handles failures.

SSIS Framework Manager
The SSIS Framework Manager is a Visual Studio 2010 ASP.Net project, built on .Net 4.0 using both the Telerik library and Entity Framework 4.0. The framework manager provides high-level visibility to the applications/tasks running within the framework and allows for easy configuration and management of all framework parameters.

Config Table Definitions
1. Application - A logical group of task that are run together
2. Task - An instance of a package that defines the execution order, precedent task, failure action, recovery action and parallel channel.
3. Package - The source for SSIS packages and paths
4. FrameworkCodes - Definition of codes used through-out the Framework
5. Host/SSISConfig - Used to support the multi-environment aware configuration
6. Server - Defines server which Applications while be assigned to
7. ApplicationSchedule/Schedule - Scheduling Tables

Log Table Definitions
1. ApplicationExecutionLog/Error - Logs Application level execution and errors
2. TaskExecutionLog/Error - Logs Task level execution and errors
3. TaskExecutionEvent - Logs the FireInformation event within the TaskPackage

SSIS multi-environment configuration in a single SQL Server table
By Scott Coleman, 2009/06/03

BI Monkey SSIS ETL Framework
By James Beresford

Designing an SSIS Framework
By Andy Leonard

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